25 September, 2010

Cum or Come?

This question has wondering in my head last few months. Is that "cum" this word exist? Yeah, I bet most of the man know this word. Well, when I find it in dictionary, I did not find anything on Chinese translation. What I get? Explain in picture is better...

This is in Malay Translation

In Chinese translation (No meaning)

The website meaning (not clear, so Google search :P)

Few of my friends when SMS with me, mostly they like to type "cum" instead of "come". Cum has its own meaning. Don't you think is weird when see a message like "Do you want cum my house?" or "I cum now" or "u cum here"? Some facebook user would like to write "cum" instead of "come"... 



  1. Sometime leh, cum is used becoz it is 1 letter shorter (save space in SMS).
    Sometime leh, becoz it sound more friendlier. Thg is, it has become a culture among the young people. I only hope kids won't use this word for essay in school.

  2. [whizkid]-but just 1 word less, not need kedekut ah..."Cum on Man!" lol

    [Schuan]-"shoot your love all over me, drown me to the milky sea" (from Onion Movie)lol

  3. the proper meaning of cum is "as well as". so how many times do you cum a day?

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  4. Oic. I refused to answer your question, privacy :P


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