04 September, 2010


Eh...I not mention about the Pink - Singer who sing "Trouble", "So What"...here refers to Pink color---yeah, one of my favourite colour.

In public, in past time, they have give this pink colour to girl gender only. However, this is changing in this modern day. Who said pink is girlish colour? I do not agree...

I was try to wear pink color shirt when Form 4, yeah, 16 years old. A lot of friends was said I was look nice when I wear pink colour shirt. Their sentences makes me more addicted to pink colour lol I can notice that I have a lot of pink shirts, pink colour case. Well, I more focus pink on the shirt field.

Sometimes my friends laughed at me, said :"Why you always wear pink colour shirt? You have no more other colour shirts? I can see you everyday wear pink colour shirt." "Not need choose colour, you sure will pick the pink colour one." Well, I keep insist to wear pink colour. If I wear pink pants, ho ho ho...I am just a pink panther! (I am not going to do this...)

If whole body session applied pink colour, that was disgusting. Imagine that shirt is pink colour, pants is pink, watch is pink, bracer is pink, necklace is pink, spectacle is pink, hair is pink, ear ring is pink, shoes is pink, stokin is pink...ewww~"disgusting" hahahahahaha That was too monotonous.

If my personal skin color is more black in colour, I think I will stay away from pink colour in future...

====<3 Pink is a Beautiful Colour <3====


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