28 September, 2010

Album or Mix?

Do you prefer to listen songs which in album format or in mix format? I found out that most of the people like to listen mix songs.

Previously, I love to listen mix songs, mostly in CD format. I still remember when I was secondary school, I will buy a english or chinese song CD (pirate) when I was shopping at my hometown. At that time, I feel like if I do not buy any CD when I go shopping, I will feel not comfortable. At that time, I do not have behavior to download songs from internet. Buy music CD is much better and convenient, cheap.

When I try to listen album songs, I feel that the feeling is different. The mix songs all togther was filtered out and only play the hot songs or popular songs. While, the album songs is all sing by same artist, same voice. When listening album, I can feel that the artist singing style and the nice feeling, hard to descibe. Also, not every songs in album is nice to listen.

I collect a lot of albums, especially English artist, and well known. Kelly Clarkson, David Archuleta, Hilary Duff, Westlife, and etc. Somehow, I listen to mix songs also. When I love that artist, I will try collect his or her album.

It is hard to find a great album. Mostly, we will notice that only 2-4 songs are nice in one album. However, Lady Gaga album is surprising and almost whole the album is nice to listen! THE FAME - LADY GAGA album.

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