29 September, 2010

Sound/Song Recording

Do you ever listen your sound clearly from the computer or hand phone or etc? I bet not many people are dare to listen their voice at first time.

Of course a microphone is needed for recording

Actually, when I start do sound recording of my voice, I am kind of afraid and not dare to listen my voice. As they said, my voice is always no enough energy, that's why I was given the nickname of "ruan mian mian" (soft). Anyway, I have step out that step and listen my voice.

What is the feeling when listening my own voice? First, sure, "This voice is definitely not mine!" What we hear when we talk is different with the recorded sound.Think positively, the sound recording is always fun! (funny especially singing songs)

I used to record my sound using Nero Wave Editor, Nice editor :)

I got a weird hobby. (Do not laugh me >.<) When I at home, I will take a head phone with the microphone (quite high quality),then do the sound recording of mine when listening and singing songs from the laptop. I will record it down and make it as my references. First time hear my sound is "hmm, not bad.quite nice" after few times, "oh my gosh, the sound is totally no energy at all" after few months "there only little improvement, so sad :(" However, I still will keep going on with this hobby when I have feel want to listen my sounds.

I remembered last time I went shopping with my mom. Then, I want to buy a microphone, quite nice quality. Well, my mom "shoot" me. She said "Your sound are not nice, what for waste your money?" ...Then, I put back the microphone :(

Do you like to do sound recording especially for your own sound?? If you have not try yet, go for it and have fun! :)      


  1. i worked in a call centre. sometimes boss asked me to listen to the call and i laughed very hard. suara macam nobita!

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  2. lol...i wish I can hear that sound :)


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