08 September, 2010

Take Photos

I am like to take photograph. Especially for myself, narcissist.lol

Natural Photos?
If in natural surrounding, I will take photograph of the natural, beautiful scenery. So far, I only can used my 2.0 Mega pixels hand phone camera to take the photo.Although it was so lousy, the 2.0 Mega Pixels can take a very clear photos in sunny day, out-door activities. So, I will not miss this atmosphere first before I take the photos.

What do you feel? 
Why take this photo? 
Second, I like to take people photos. Friends are main objects for me to take photographs.So, I seldom have chance to take photograph with friends, due to shy. I am not brave enough to open my mouth and say "can I take a photo with you?" If I did, that is mean I was thinking clearly and take a lot of courage to say to that friends. I do not know why about why I shy on asking people to take photo with me...mental problem or what?...

Alert! Narcissist appears!
Third, I like to take photos of myself. Then I will collect it in a narcissist folder. lol Actually I just want to make sure the personal appearance is improving from past time to current time.

My friend.

Magician Umbrella!

Fourth, take the funny, interesting photos. If chances come, I will take out my hand phone camera and give it a click! Capture in my hand phone.In daily life, we might find out some interesting or funny scene, so take a photo as memory.Continuously, I like to take a photo of the certain information. Then I can refer it through my hand phone.

Information I needed.

I hope I can be a part-time professional camera man, to take a high standard photos, interesting photos, clear, creative and so on. That is the part of my dream. :)        


  1. wa...i oso like taking photos...
    but im owez thinking of hiring a personal photographer...haha...
    just imagining...
    those photos with nice shots which can make a plump person like me look thinner...
    how cool it will be...
    if possible i oso wana learn some skills to capture nice photos liao...

  2. wow...you so rich ya...hehe
    Different angle can a lot of different nice picture. I think you have some skills already isn't it? hehe :)


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