11 September, 2010

Listen Order

The scope of this listen order will be on family members and friends. 

What does the mean of listen order? It is just like somebody asks you to do a favor and help him or her done the things that he or she could not do.  This always happen in my family members, especially between brothers.
Example: My big brother always sits on the sofa, and asks us serve him a cup of water because he need to drink water, especially when he watching TV. Even open the big gates of our home, he need to ask his brother to help him open. We can help, the problem is he is free to do so, why need ask us to do?? No wonder he is added fat, especially on his tummy :P
Sometimes, I will give order too. Like throw the rubbish of the kitchen, I will ask my little brother to open the gates. Otherwise, he is going to throw by himself. I am lazy though, isn’t it? Also, for my first little brother too, always ask the smallest brother to open the gate, if he need to go out. My little brother always asking “Why always need to ask me help you all do the things? Cannot do by you ah?” Mother is the main role to order us to do household.
I figure out the main reason – Lazy. Of course, there is limit to order brother to do some matters. When keep being asked to do, he will obey the order, and ask you do on your own. That is the good response to remind that is time to move their own.  Somehow, I feel like my smallest brother quite “pity”, when he said like that, my big brother will going to reply: “You help me do, I buy you a KFC or MacD. Want? “……My brothers cannot skip this challenge…gagagaga 
In friend session, I think it is better not order friend to do something. It might break down the relationship. Nobody likes to follow order.  Change the way of order to “Can you help me to ……”. I always did to my house mate, who sit beside me, ask him help me switch on my laptop plug, and added “Thank you very much, I love you”. He just gives the response: “Please do not love me. Please.” If I keep doing this, he might dislike me more and more…haha
Last, I will try not to give order to my friend, family members and try to do by myself. Well, if he does not mind, I not going to hesitate and will ask friend help me do the small things lol  

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