15 September, 2010

Left Dish For Others

Indirectly, this title has link to the personality that think for other members when having a meal.

Normally, a family consume same dish with the rice, as daily food.Maybe I have many brothers, so I was been teaching that left dish for the others who have not eat yet since young.

Just left one
Example, my mom cooks 14 piece nuggets.Then, we all have to eat it equally, like each only can consume 2 pieces as maximum number. If any members no follow the rules, we are going to argue with each other. Sometimes, I think the actions are childish. However, if not set this rule, the members who last having the meal will not able to enjoy the certain delicious dish.
Indian Style Dish
Sometimes, the dish just too delicious. The automatic hand will dig the dish and put it to the mouth. Accidentally, the dish is finish. And, sorry for the members who have not enjoy the meal yet. Is that suppose to be happened? If we left little dish for them, they might unfair to them.

My favourite Dish
I still remember a case which has happened in my home few years ago. My relatives always come to my house and enjoy the lunch. (My mom invited them to come my house eat when school days.) One day, her son, take the 2 fried nuggets with rice. After finish the rice, he has take again the nuggets. (Nuggets are delicious, isn't it?)--"Hey! Still have some people not having lunch yet. Left for them." My little brother was stopped him. Next day, they do not want to enjoy the lunch in our house anymore, willingly to take away from the hawker stall.I guess that his mother was thinking :"My son just want to have more pieces, not allow to eat more? My poor son is being bullied~" I do not how to comment this. Just can see this matter happened so serious for them.

Healthy dish

Hmm...is that always follow the first come first serve rule? Delicious dish sure will finished soon.In the end, we should eat the dish volume as we like? Or we have to think for others too?          


  1. yea this leave food for others is a common culture in chinese family...i always tell myself to stop so that i wont get fat. otherwise i really want to eat other people's part haha

  2. nice idea to left for others..haha


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