18 September, 2010

Why I write Blog?

Last few days, this questions keep spinning in my head. I have a mind that I am going to stop write blog.I give up this idea finally.

Why I write blog? After clean up everything in my mind, I think the reasons are:

1. Learn the writing skill. I am not going to take a paper and learn writing with a pen everyday. The most convenient way is writing blog. It is just simply type the words or edit, delete the text which have type wrongly. Then, you could see I update my blog post every single day. In the mean time, I am practice writing everyday.

2. Improve my language skill. Mostly, I am writing in English. Somehow, it could called Manglish, that is not the standard English. Besides, I try to improve by reading other blogger post, some of them are really high standard in English, I have to check dictionary when read their post.

3. Sharing. Sharing is caring.I used to share the opinion on some topics that I interested. Or, if I found out new things, I will introduce it in my blog.Let any reader knows about that. Somehow, this is public post, thus I have to filter some contents.

4. Make new friends. Through blog, I make some new online friends, blogger. Maybe it is one of the way to expand my social life.My virtual world? Maybe after few years, I will meet these blogger/friends on the street and I might say "Hi! Are you ......Nice to meet you." (feels like is 80's/90's, haha)

5. Interest. I feel interest on writing blog. Blog is just my another space to write anything I want. Of course, I will thinking more clearly about the post I am going to post. I just like to write blog, well, it just used my 30 minutes to 1 hour to finish my blog post a day.Someday, I will stop writing on my space.

6. Spill out my feeling. Sometimes, I writing post follow my feeling. That is meaning that the idea come from the feeling, and not like the title plan in a list. Not every single feeling can share on my blog, is public. (If it is privacy blog, I think there will be many "secret" things will be found...hehe)

7. Dissatisfied. When I dissatisfied on something, I will throw it to my blog post. It might be the one way to make me feel better. I seldom share my thinking with friends face to face, instead of tell them, writing is better. They are busy, and I believe no one likes to hear your story, or your trouble. Everyone has their trouble. 家家都有本难念的经。Moreover, this could call blog abuse.

8. Checkpoint.All the blog post I made before is just like my checkpoint in my life. I can check back how I not mature enough to post the not mature content. It  make me realize what should I do or not, and the correct things I should learn in my life. Sometimes, I will check back my old post to see my not mature enough behavior.Anyway, I feel that some personality and perception I have changed, not similar as last time.

9. Earn advertisement money. This is the fail things I do. It is just my side quest for my blog.I thought I can earn money through Nuffnang advertisement, but the result is really horrible. My blog traffic is very smooth (Not many people read my blog). For my last decision, Nuffnang used just as decoration for my blog.  

I think these are all the reasons that I could figure out so far.I will continue my interest if I still capable to do so.


  1. good to see you found your reasons. it is true writing is a way of improving. but it learning from mistakes also boost up your english. keep it up ^^

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  2. All great reasons for writing :) Mostly I write for the love of it.

  3. [jino]-Thanks! I will :)

    [savante]- Nice to meet you. Thanks. I bet some sure is the blogger's reason. :)


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