30 September, 2010

FYP-I Extends

Finally, the Research Methodology Subject-I is going to end soon. And, we need to pass up the chapter 1 to chapter 4 complete version to the lecturer of this subject.

As original plan,we need to pass up this week too, same as other section. Due to too impossible or rush to complete the job,lecturer given 1 week again to ask us do. This is very lucky.The problem is the report is really a lot. If last minute, the sacrifice of sleep is must.Although the lecturer like to change the decision all time, and the criteria she needs. I am really trouble with this. This year more strict than last year.

Thus, this week plan is complete the chapter 1 to chapter 4 no matter what. Changes made as soon as possible, finish all assignments. Next week have to do an interview with whole group members.It can be said that this week is really busy. The coming weekend I agree to join D.O.T.A tournament held by university. This is my first time to join game tournament. I hope I am not giving any trouble to my teammates. Suddenly, I have feel that this week is full of meaningful activities.
Since I agree to join the tournament, the consequences like being blamed or else I was get mentally prepared.

As the deadline pass up the final year project (fyp) complete chapters 1 to 4, I have the chance to attend the dean award of my faculty. Maybe after bitter then get sweet result, I am glad.

Ganbatte ne! Work hard for this week, full of activities this week, be sweat :)


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