13 September, 2010

Yam Cha & Resident Evil After Life

Today, I had gathered 3 good friends and go for Yam Cha session, then watch Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4 too horror, so I date so many friends to watch together. (*joking) 

Normally Yam Cha happened at here
The Yam Cha session was launched at Moxi, which located near Moli. (The bubble tea café) Well, we shared a lot of what we had done recently and there are some funny things from them. The topic about direct sales from Elken, Amway…about friends who suddenly interest with you then start to promote their product, ask you to buy. Besides, another friend, seem like underweight too (but not like me), he has spent around RM400++ on weight gain. What he gets is 4.5 kg added on. My eyes were big big, bling* bling*…how I admire him so much! I spent a lot of money too, more than him. What I get was 2 kg add on. Maybe I get wrong concept, he advice me focus only weight gain product, do not buy whey protein or else. He said that some products are extract from plant, only have protein. Thus, I decide to focus on fast absorbing weight gain. (*Anyone knows 21st Century- Rapid Weight Gain with Colostrums?) Last, my friend was joking with another friend, said about “Wow!! I found out something! You change a lot! …Where is your neck? lol” It impressed me and make me laugh. (Sorry about that…haha XD- I added oil too (I am naughty) - Do not feel sad, ok?)

The Claire In the Resident Evil Game - Ali Larter

After watch the Resident Evil 4, it was really a nice movie! With so many strong cast. First, some characters are taken from games Resident Evil 5 that are Chris, the butcher, the red shining spider tool, the sunglass boss-Wesker, and the zombie with flower on the mouth. Sure, the story has a bit different from games, but the characteristic are same. I fell that I start to fall in love with Claire, by Ali Larter. She so amazing, from split personality of Niki to the Claire. She has pretty martial art and so cool! The Chris, (Michael Scottfield from Prison Break series) make me feel that Michael Scottfield was fall into Resident Evil, continue to lead the escape way, and same thing, he was closed in the prison at first lol (maybe he is so famous on how to escape from the prison)

Jill Valentine - Appear at the end of the movie?
Jill and Wesker
The Butcher. Is hard to kill it in games...run!
Chris - Michael Scottfield 
Claire, Chris, Wesker, Alice

The last character who appears in the battle plane, I guess is Jill. (who has under controlled by the Umbrella Company, with the red shining spider tool). Is that true? When Resident Evil series going to end?       

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