04 September, 2010

Online Chat

Before starting my post, I have something to declare...This time I am totally last one to back my home! I thought can together leave this hostel with my house mate...but I was hold by the laundry service...(the lady boss so busy and release aeroplane to us too lol).Luckily my home just near, not a big deal.

Start with online chat.I used to be participate myself in online chat. The way I chat online is using MSN, facebook, google talk. These are the main program I used to chat. MSN -> Facebook -> Google Talk.

When I online, MSN sure will log in, and check who are online. If really free, will grasp somebody to chat with. However, not every time can chat well, friends are busy too. I used MSN and Facebook to chat with my friends, online friends included. The chat content? Really normal, just like "what are you doing?". Greeting, concern, giving advice, sharing, caring...and so many can do in online chatting. Especially discuss assignment and test those things. Online chat can be abused too, like they used video chat for 18SX purpose, cheating......

Facebook chat is easier too.Once you add him/her as friend, you can start chat with him/her, without knowing his/her email when both are online. Somehow some friend not like to use facebook chat, is annoying. It will disturb them playing online games and feeling frustrated. So, I was alert and take note that who cannot chat on Facebook, then have to remember as well.

Chatting, actually quite wasting time. It is better do in free time.I feel that I used MSN to discuss assignment, test and important task are covers 60 percents.    

Online chat really helps me a lot. It helps user save money (instead using SMS) though.Well, I not going to stick myself with chatting for long hours.

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