19 September, 2010


Seafood, I do not like it since young except fish. Seafood like prawn, crab, ink fish, jelly fish, and etc, neither have I liked to eat. I only know that I love to eat eggs since young till now.

Whenever I have been invited to having meal in seafood restaurant, it is really such a big waste to me, especially eat with family. Just like yesterday, celebrate the grandmother’s birthday (advance), my uncle suggest again having meal at Seafood restaurant. What we can do is follow their decision. Most of my family members like to eat seafood.

What I have eaten yesterday? Touch on vegetables, fish, eggs, bun, prawn curry (curry only), pig’s hand (blek…I do not like it). Prawn, crabs, and ink fish I did not touch at all. In addition, with my acne condition, I better not to eat seafood. They said seafood is “toxic” in some way.

Seafood is expensive. Since I do not like seafood, I think I will save a lot of money for seafood. Sometimes, the small prawn on the fried rice, or the clam with Char Kuey Teow, I will finish it but not all.    


  1. acne wuwuwu... i dont eat seafood also got...

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  2. if eat seafood, acne grows more :P


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