10 September, 2010

Car Wash

Talk about car wash, it is not the first time for me. Last few days, I have been teaching how to wash the car correctly.

Wash car like this is the best!

This holiday, I get my first small car. This car was given by my uncle (father's small brother). So, I just borrowed from him for use in university.

Since this car is not mine, well I have to take care it nicely. Wash is the essential part. Last time, I wash car just simply use car soap foam on the car, then rinse with the water. Then wait it dry.

If two or three people wash, finish faster.
It is fault to wash the car! First put the soap foam on it, rub the top surface, then side and bottom part. Then flush with water. Last, quickly wipe the car with the dry suitable towel. Otherwise, the water mark will absorb to the car and make the mark permanently on the car surfaces. If it is not my car I do not mind it. haha. By the way, my uncle use nice paint on this car. So I have to take care nicely. Argh....

The good thing is I can drive car travel from hostel with my house. Not need take bus already. While, I have to "feed" car from now on~



  1. I really need to send my car for car wash.. been procrastinating.. usually wash once a mth.

  2. hope is not my post remind you to wash the car...haha


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