12 September, 2010

Split Personality

I have notice that some people (or friends) has split personality. I doubt myself too. Just like the old post - Hot Temper. When I am Hot Temper, that is another me XD

Split personality, the person who has two types of personality. Positive and negative/positive and positive/negative and negative. This inspire come from my friend.

For example, I wake up a good friend by telling him some small things. He is open his eyes and ask me what happen or what thing. Then I started to tell him. What he response is he nodded and say "ok". After that, he continue to sleep. When afternoon, I asked him whether he know or not I disturb him when morning. He give me the reply: "Huh? I don't know. When I wake up? That is another me I think..." In his theory, that is another him at that moment. Interesting theory...hehe

Example again, another friend treat you very good normally. Suddenly he can change expression faster and ignore you all the time. Well, it happens on me also. However, ignore is the thing that I frequently do :P

To be truth, if one really has split personality, he or she does not know that has split personality on themselves. Just like Niki Sander in Heroes series (Ali Larter!) , her another personality is strong, direct, and fierce. Amazing power!

P/S: This one week holiday was ended. It is so fast! Next week have to manage some studies thing...Hope my study mood will comes to me soon...


  1. Do not know anyone has split personality but wont be like Nikki and Jessica :P


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