21 September, 2010

Birthday Wishes

First of all, thanks to all the friends who wish me Happy Birthday.I am really appreciate it. Facebook has a lot of wishes for me from friends...:) And, "Happy birthday" to myself.

What are the birthday wishes for this year?---- I hope:

  • My studies will going well from time to time
  • No troubles always
  • Healthy everyday
  • Side-way grown up faster, more fat
  • Acne problems all gone
  • Friends will concern his/her health
  • Final Year Project will be no problem for me (really really hopes)
  • Happy Always
  • Do not think too much
  • A successful mind reader (*Your head, it will never be)
  • Birthday gift (I know it is no more happens, haha) 
  • Fat Fat Fat
  • Get myself improve in every field
  • Family, friends all are healthy and long life
  • Have a nice night sleeping time
Wow! I am so greedy! Wish many wishes...hope all comes true :) This is the last year birthday where happens in this university. 

Positive: Most of the people will enjoy the birthday, and feel happy.
Negative: The people will think it is 1 more closer step to the death. Or, do not want to accept own age is bigger than last year.

Last, if you are meet me on the street, especially stranger, you will not going to doubt me on I am telling you that I just only 18 years old :P 

P/S:Yesterday night really tire and feel sick of eyes. So, decide to sleep early. And, actually I am feel like insomnia since I come back to this hostel.Most hours I feel like I stay awake with the closed eyes lol


  1. wow i am so sorry i did not realize your birthday. happy belated birthday. you can claim a mcd ice cream from me ^^

    did you enjoy your day?

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  2. Yo...u very good la. sorry for what? Thank you anyway. Really? haha

    That day I just knew I very tired, and sleep early. Get a new really short hair cut for myself lo.Although no celebration, but I am happy :)


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