23 September, 2010


Inheritance, means the characteristics which inherit from the previous class. Just like the Object-oriented programming. I would like to say some characteristics I have inherited from my family. Some characteristics are not good.

First, I inherit my parent's hot temper. I just like them, when some thing shoot to me very seriously, I will direct give that person with my activation of hot temper. I just realize last week. Father and mother same type of hot temper.

Second, I inherit my parent's "release aeroplane". They like to say this today, and change the idea on next day, especially when make the decision. For example, my mother will tell me "today I do not want to set my hairstyle, is quite waste money and not worth". Then, at the night of same day, she will suddenly said "i think i better set the hairstyle for singing competition tonight." =.=

Third, I inherit my daddy's closeness.If you are friend with me, you could see that I am kinda closeness too especially friends want borrow things, or money. Even my brothers, they want to borrow I would thinking twice and do not want to borrow or temporary support them. (I have try change this start from the bad experiences this year)

What good characteristics I have inherited? I think that would be the open-minded thinking, inherit from my mother.Some more?? haha...let's stop here.

Actually today do not want to write blog. However, I have write this today.(Hand itchy) Start from today, a lot of assignments, test, projects and final year projects things comes together. Met a lecturer who like to change the words, the things wanted.Final year project chapter have to pass up 4 out of 6 by next week. It seems like the gantt chart for our project is just decoration only. This is the way to overcome the last minute behavior? I wonder...argh......


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