09 September, 2010

Face Wash

Luckily, my mom’s friend have run the portable business on hair cut and facial thing, so I was get my first time on face wash today. She is an auntie.

The face operation starts at 1.15p.m. First, she starts with the foam, massage my face, and use span to rub my face. This process was repeated about three to four times. Between, what product she has been used, I do not have any idea about it. I just know my face at that time feel very smooth. When she rubs on my near chin-neck part, it makes me want laugh, because that part really itchy.  

The Facial Steamer Like This

Next, she asked me to face the hot steaming tool around 8 minutes. The hot air was comes to my face, my face feel so hot! However, it is still ok with me. Well, it quite tire on facing down the steaming tool around 8 minutes, in additional the steaming tool is old style one (my mom told me is old).

I was facing the steamer like this, tire >.<
Climax comes. My pores on face were opened. Then, she started to squeeze my acne spot, and blackhead. In the mean time, she said that my face acne quite serious, have purulence underneath it. Thus, she is very hard working to squeeze every single acne spot to clear out the virus. Do you know what kind of feeling I have? ---- Is very pain! Ouch! (mouth cannot be opened too) Oh gosh…cannot bear with it…just like pull out the small bullet from the body! The process is taking such a long time to end. My pain was starting from this to the end. After that, she put a mask for me ( I feel like it is a mask) then wait again. Last, she applied last product on my face and ask me do not go touch the face. Wait until night time then wash face. My mom said it just like go facial center to do with face.

Then do with a normal face wash
It is cost me quite cheap price. Between, my father was laughed at me said: “now guys also want to do facial though.” (in Hokkien) Eww...please, my face have trouble now, leave it like that? The process end at 2.45 p.m. With the little paralyzed leg, and painful memories, I not going to forget my first time face wash in my house. 

P/S: Disgusting picture not going to appear in this post :) 


  1. Wah...So nice go wash ur face.

    Hehe..Nowadays, guys olso like go wash their face like girl oredy.

  2. Nice to kill the virus on the face..not nice that need spend the money to feel the pain. Guys like me like to wash face lo lol


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