14 September, 2010

King Of Fighter Movie

After the Tekken Movie shadows, I cancel my desire to watch fighting movie in cinema. So, King Of Fighter I had downloaded and watch in home.This movie already release in 2009 in other country.


Iori, Mai, Kyo, Chizuru, Orochi, Vice, Rugal, Terry and Mature appear only. (If really want to demonstrate all fighters it will be happened in drama). Mai Shiranui, is my favourite character in King of Fighter series. Her attracting fire power skill, with fan throw, fire-knuckle,fire slam, all fire. Well, in the movie, she has performed by Maggie Q. Nice skill she show, disappointed that Mai in this movie have electric power (feel like Elle Bishop in Heroes).Iori no red hair. Rugal expression, the costume almost same in the king of fighter series.  


I feel like fighting movie, the way of he/she punch or kick, is like that, would not run away from that normal fighting style. They only have power when in another dimension of King of fighter tournament.  
Mai - Maggie Q

Mature - Rugal - Vice

Mai - Cosplay lol
In my point, King of Fighter is better than the Tekken movie. Maybe their power, story, fighting skill more interesting.However, I feel that not worth watch in cinema.  

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