02 September, 2010

Online Friends

Online friends. Online friends. Online friends.Online friends.

There is a lot of online friends. They are included in facebook, hotmail, youtube, blogger and etc.I just make new friends through online this year, with chatting. For make new friends without chat, just add like in facebook, is just like stalker. Not really become real online friends.

Since young, I seldom connected myself with internet, network. I just make friends through my social activities, like scout organization,PLKN services,taoism activities.Except this year, I never make friends through online. That time what I feel is just like everyone can be anonymous, not so truth, and the ideal like "we just make friend online, not going to meet at one day, face to face."

Maybe influenced by the drama, there always the online friend making scene. Especially one boy and one girl dated out through online. At last, the girl is ugly then the boy so care about her appearance.Or, the boy take the girl and go somewhere and finish her! Rape her! and so negative side action...As a result, the online friend making is dangerous, from drama.(as well as in this real world, i think.)

This year, I was try to make new friends through online. Most are bloggers. Some are from Facebook, who chat with me at last time.Anyway, I feel like I still so passive...argh...

So, I think I was not so worried about the risk about online friends making.Anyway, I will try to improve it. :) Slowly, online friends will turn into good friends and etc. hehe

P/S: Some noun, verb maybe I was used in wrong way...  



  1. nice post and as far as my online friends are concern we have really a lot of fun on net so thanks for sharing your personal experience...

  2. thanks, what fun you have experience? hehe :)


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