06 September, 2010

Facial Product Collection

I found out that I am kind of “pervert”. Just like my post before – Cooler Pad Collection. Why said “pervert”? Reason: I am like to collect things from various brands or the type. (Actually I am just accidentally “collecting” these things naturally, now I found out that I am really really…)
Ok, in my past time, I am using only one facial wash product, that is {Clean & Clear – Acne Clearing Cleanser}. After using for a while, I was been teaching to apply toner after face wash. Then, I was purchased the {Clean & Clear – Toner}. So, that is my daily task on my face. My face was no so much problem at that time.

In my life later, I was “itchy” in my mind, feels like I should try other facial products, not always keep using same brand. As a result, what the facial products I was purchased and still exists? The answer in the list below:

01. Clean & Clear - Acne Clearing Cleanser
02. Clean & Clear - Toner
03. Clean & Clear - Facial Foam (Accidentally Bought)
04. Clean & Clear - Active Acne Treatment Gel
05. Clean & Clear - Daily Pore Cleanser

06. Gervene - Facial Wash
07. Gervene - Toner
08. Gervene - Pimple Cream
09. Clearasil - Spot Clearing Cream
10. Clearasil - Pimple Cream

11. FollowMe - Blackhead Remover

12. OXY5 - Pimple Treatment Medicine

13. Garnier Men - Cooling Foam
14. Garnier Men - Scrub
15. Garnier Men - Whitening Moisturizer

16. Loreal - Facial Wash
17. Facial Wash Medicine - Pharmacy Purchased
18. Facial Wash Medicine - Doctor Clinic

I think most of the reason is unsatisfied on the product I purchased, and then I was keep try purchase and using other brand of products, to see the different result. Then what I get was my face is going to corrupt soon. The medicine which given by doctor seem like not strong enough, the pharmacy medicine looks like stronger than it. {Garnier Men} not suited me at all, I was cheated by Wang Lee Hom! lol…

In conclusion, I am going to turn back my origin daily face wash task that is using the {Clean & Clear – Acne Clearing Cleanser} with {Clean & Clear – Toner} and {Clean & Clear – Active Acne Treatment Gel} to cure my acne face.

Oh yeah, who have interest to buy second hand facial products from me is welcoming! It is just cost you HALF PRICE! Contact me if you like~ lol

P/S: Scrub cannot be used daily. I was making mistake on this.


  1. Hhhmmm.. about facial products, me uses Dermalogica... let me know if you sell them too, kekeke

  2. Haha....
    Selling ur facial products here..

    All products u introduced, i just tried the clean and clear before...The rest nvr tried before.

    But, now i change other brand oredy..

  3. [pikey] - oh that one ah...i do not have it, i saw it before...i think i not going to buy other brand lo...haha ;)

    [meeting] - oh i see...then try use "garnier men", maybe suit u...haha :) buy from me :P

  4. You should purchase mask to complete ur facial product collection LOL.

    I like guy who take care of their skin. kinda sexy haha. I swear I am going to force my bf to start using toner now. His pores walau...

  5. i will consider it few years later...haha

    some guy not need to take care their skin too, the skin is naturally smooth and just normal wash face. That was healthy. But I was addicted on wash face...lol


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