17 September, 2010

Holiday End Soon

Today is Friday. It mean after 2 days, open-school and I going to friend again with assignment and the test.

Cloudy Mood
Suddenly feel that the assignment, projects met is more difficult than before. I still remember, last semester, I was suddenly learn myself to be last minute for few projects and assignments. Compare with last year, the assignment comes, I will direct settle it than waiting to be done near deadline. After this holiday, I hope I can change back, last minute is not suit me. I will feel more pressure if I doing at last minute (scare cannot did well).

Today, cloudy day at my place. Get a haircut for myself, clear up my mind. Tomorrow night will be the Farewell Party of manager of Secret Recipe. Although I already not working there anymore, the host still invite me. Do not know should happy or feel normal..haha. Next day, I have to attend the friend's wedding. Wow, so nice, 22 years old already married, he seems like he has prepared well. (Do not know this time is it 奉子承婚?again :P) It is normal for nowadays scene.

I prefer this kind of PSM
Suddenly feel like not able to do for my final year project(PSM). Develop a system...This holiday, there is no improvement on my final year project. I too moody. Why I always follow mood? Sometimes feel PSM is just stupid thing. Why need to do? Simply have a final exam like UniPM then okay already, isn't it? From my friend advise, I just take it as my challenge. Really need to spend a lot of time on this. This time university has holiday December, three weeks only. Why so few?

This holiday has it good and bad. Good is meet up with old dear friends and finish some offline games at home. Bad is no improvement of PSM, only done the report.Oh yeah, last week I drew a lot of pictures using Adobe Photoshop. Some are friends, some are brothers, by using layer technique.

Drawing is cheating...:P
Hope today whole day will be cloudy day. Increase my feeling mood. Smile for myself and do something for prepare my test :)

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