02 October, 2010

1st Time DOTA Tournament

This is my first time to join the DOTA game. Well, I am still fresh on the DOTA game.Thanks to my DOTA group leader for pick me as one of the contestant.After that, I have gained the experience on my first time game competition.

Start from last year, my house mate and I start to learn play DOTA. DOTA is really a good, strategy and excited games. There are a lot of hero can be used. So, the play style is changing always, not fixed one.When in game, I'm just a little nervous. Maybe game competition is more interesting...

First of all, we won at the first round after remake the game with same hero.With the unsatisfied computer specification, lag, freeze and hang of the game.Well, the next round, we had lose. A lot of reasons were listed out, like team members doing mistakes, connection lag, and so on. Is it hero problem? I do not know, only leader know.The computer lag make the attacker cannot farm quickly and lose accuracy.I believe that the technical problem is the main reason of game lose.And, the player each year is more professional if compare with last few years.

Still remember last year all friends and I went to campus for support them. They were experiences blue-screen problem about 3 times. The strategy which has been used that the opponent already know. Again, that opponent is outsider.After lose the game, the team leader is totally sad and sleep whole day after competition.I can understand his feeling.I still keep the team leader "gloomy face" photo last year...want to see? SECRET SECRET* (This year no more~)

Although we had lose in game, the experiences which has gained is worth :) The game is exciting after all!    


  1. Learning from losing is a good way of growing. If need to play in frustration (blue screen etc etc) better dun compete... waste time. Anyway, keep it up. :)

  2. We just go give it a try, no desire to win too. Thanks your support, Whizkid ^^


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