13 May, 2010

Cooler Pad Collection

I think I was crazy. Let everyone guess how many cooler pad I have? The cooler pad use for cooling down the laptop. Totally I got 1,2,3,4…..5 cooler pad!!!

This makes me think about my friend’s post, said about she own 5 umbrella. How’s the cooler pad history?

1st- When purchase my first laptop, the slim cooler pad presented as free.

2nd – Cause of the wire problem, sometime cannot detect, I purchase this one, a bit inclination, not flat. Cause it is too slim, and easily can be broken by my hand, cost RM7.00 only.

3rd – due to unsatisfied condition, I purchase this one at my college, can fold and durable,simple to keep, fans quite big, 2 fans, but the cooler pad will hot like unusual, RM10.00.

4th – Again, near Carrefour, computer company held a promotion, cooler pad cost RM10.00. 3 fans, but the volume is damn slow...

5th- Just purchased it, then a big fans inside, same as my friend, cost RM 15.00. I think no more complaint already.

So, I am totally wasting my money on cooler pad cost RM42.00. I want a slim cooler pad, then I can easily bring back to my home and hostel. But this design not available since last time, all creative design…I need to stop purchase the cooler pad. And, who interest to buy cooler pad from me? XD

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