01 July, 2010

July 1st Cover - Hard to Say?

Do you ever notice that the more sincere words that you want to express, it is harder to express from your mouth? Replace with the SMS is easier…

Example 1:
I love that person. Then, I want to say “I Love You” to that person, it is hard to express by mouth. I choose the SMS to replace my express way. Well, it is different, the words come out from mouth and the words showed from the hand phone (my opinion).

Example 2:
I did mistake for that person. So, I feel very sorry for him/her. However, it is hard to say “I’m sorry” or “对不起” to him or her. In my opinion, saying “对不起” is harder than “I’m sorry”. I do not know the reason, just from my feeling. To say “对不起”, I need a lot of courage, brave, and confidence. Thus, I try not to make mistakes with others…If choose MSN or SMS, it is easier, isn’t it?

Example 3:
When you have a request from someone...

People need to communicate in face to face with each other. The expression, the feeling, all can come from the body language. If in SMS, you might need to imagine the expression on the words that display on hand phones from sender. 

When I need to express my words sincerely, I will thinking clearly and ask myself to take out my courage to that person, speak out. Sometimes, I do not have the courage, due to scare of the consequences. When the speaking moment, nervous, tremble (serious) comes to me…

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