06 July, 2010

Kylie Minogue

Last month, I was seen my friend’s blog about the Kylie Minogue new song video, All The Lovers, the music is nice! Although the music video is contain a little bit “porn”, hehe.

I was loved her since I heard her song “Come into My World” at the first time. I was watching the music video first, see a lot of replicate of Kylie was walk around the small town, and show the meaning of “come into my world”. I loved this song too. My friend had said this before to me: “She just keeps singing “come, come, come into my world”, macam a prostitute who ask for more business! XD” lol

I most like the song of......
1. Come into My World (Replicate Kylie walk around the town, special effect though)
2. Love at First Sight
3. Spinning Around
4. Can’t get you out of my head (The music video damn sexy 0.0)
5. Chocolate
6. Slow
7. Secret
8. Red Blooded Woman
9. Wow (Just knew this song from movie Chihuahua. Cute song >.<)
10. In My Arms
11. All the lovers (Music video very meaningful, include all the lovers (+LGBT))

We can see her is healthy right now, and continue to be a sexy little cat? It doesn’t matter as long as her music is nice to listen ^_^ 

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