02 July, 2010

Hair Cut "Accident"

For the 1st day of July, I was going for a haircut to clean up my thick hair in the Summit Shopping Mall.

Like this kind of hair style...

Same as usual, I went to that shop and do my haircut. I like his technique, and I always find him to cut my hair. A little unlucky today, the electric hair cutter was suddenly “kiss” my ear (so pain!). At that time my right ear only red color on surfaces, no bleeding. The hair stylish had said sorry to me. I just consider that is small “accident”.

After cut my hair, paid the money, and out from the shop. Walk for few seconds, I touch my right ear, to check. Holy sh*t, is bleeding. I quickly went to toilet and check again with mirror. Obviously the right ear just the skin surface was tearing off. Bleed…bleeding…bleed bleed bleeding ear…zzzz   

PS3 Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sand

Ask about the latest POP: The forgotten Sand PC version, the boss said still in the order list.  In additional, I was buy a lot of chocolate bar, just hopes that it helps me to do a lot of exercise, and make me little weight gain. 

It was heavy rain. I chose to ride my motorcycle back my house in the rainy day. Luckily, the jacket I put in the basket was keep by the parking guard, thus, the jacket is not wet! This is the first scene I met. Surprisingly…^.^

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