11 July, 2010

Follow the Trend

In my mind, follow the trend is hard. All you need is money, money, and hard work to follow the trend.

If say it is easy, it is because you are rich.

Follow the trends?
Why want to follow the trends? Reason: People will laugh you that you are “off-beat” if you are not following the current trends!

For example, I was bought a new i-phone. I was proud with that. Later on, the new i-phone4 was released! Can I change it to the latest one? It is hard for me (my current job is student)…I remember I watched a movie before – THE ONION MOVIE, the movie script had mention about the computer company (just like say to Pentium), always release their new product, the customer never be able to catch the trend of their products.

My opinion…
Thus, there is not necessary to always follow the trend. Just follow what you like as if you are capable. “Look wider” really helps. 

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