19 July, 2010


Hoo...very enjoyable watching both movies - Despicable Me and Inception. So brand new concept of movie. Despicable Me include many cutes characters like Agnes, the yellow allien pets, Mr.Gru. Inception mention about the dream in dream action. Both movie i give 10/10. ^_^


I just realize that i always live with radiation, in my surrounding, my body, and so on.

Where is the source of radiation? 100% sure is hand phone. Hand phone contains high radiation. If not using it, they still have radiation projected to surrounding.

In my house, there have many hand phones, all around me. It can be said very dangerous.In long time term, the cancer might find me to make friend...so same as in hostel condition.

Laptop, i believe there is low radiation because the screen is LCD, right? Liquid Crystal monitor.Thus, website has spread out the ways to reduce the radiation for public and personal actions.

1.When listening mp3 through hand phones by headphone, make sure that do not SMS. When SMS, the radiation will be transmit through your headphone and into the ears.

2.They said Bluetooth headphone has low radiation transmission compared with normal headphone...is that true?? I was testing before, then my ear feel hot.

3.When sleeping, night, morning, afternoon...put away the hand phone with the body, more far is better. Well then, there still have radiation in the room.A still hand phone have radiation on it.

4.One more things, when walking outside, or shopping, even working, we still need carry the hand phone along. If can, try to put away the hand phone far from the body part.    

Radiation spread out in our daily life. The only thing we can do is stay away from radiation and be alert...and last, i wish i can do it..



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