03 July, 2010


Yesterday my friend and i was enjoyed the movie "Triple Tap" (introduced by my friend on blog). The movie is just exciting! Flash back that i was seldom watch Hong Kong movie in the cinema...i more focus on English movie in cinema.

What a nice movie script, 2 handsome guys and 2 beautiful girls......Especially Daniel Wu, still same years before as a leng zai, my idol too. Ok, when i watch the scene of "fishing", i was thinking back am i fishing before with friends or alone in my 22 years before? After thinking, the answer is "No".

Think about fishing, i really not interest at all. Again, think about the fish's mouth was "hanged" by the various bait, the fish sure yelled "I'm so pain! stop torture me! Let me go!" That's what i am thinking.

Flash back when i was form 3, a tuition teacher had told us a joke in the class. He asked "the fish will feel pain or not when it was being fished?" Most of us answered "Yes!" The teacher reply: "Haha, answer is No. Why?" "Their mouth was fished so many times, and thick, people take out the hook from their mouth many times, they were paralyzed though." =.= I do not think this is funny. Besides, they always say fishing is a good activity and can train one's patience. (There is many ways to train patience, like playing jigsaw puzzle 1000xpieces or else)

I was imagine before that my mouth was fished by a hook, and how my mouth going to corrupt at a serious matters...And, i not going to join any fishing activities in my real life.

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