08 July, 2010

Hamster Life

"I'm spiderman! Climb climb climb..."

"This steel so hard, i will break it one day..."

"Hey, brother, please wake up! There is no way we can do to get out from here... no prison break here..just give up!" 

"Hey, i'm learning my new dance steps, not peeking!"

"I'm climbing the wall...i am gym guy, see my arms!"

"Oh gosh...i was stuck at here, somebody help me!"

"Hey, there?! Now is my privacy session, no peeking, please."

"I remember my food was put at here yesterday...why missing??"

"Better keep all the foods in my mouth first ^_^"

"Never see me eating food? Move, please.I'm shy."

"Yeah, this is the nice place for me to sleep! Zzzzzz"

"Reach out and touch me...(music)"
"My second dance steps..."

"FLurrY Ball Transformation!"

"Somebody out there? I need to go toilet...please...open the gate...>0<"

"I am angry...one more step closer to me, i will let you die!"

"Don't understand my words?..."

"What do you want from me?..."

"Look at my eyes...you will finished!"

"My nose can make through the wall of prison, surprise! (Planning planning...)"  


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