17 July, 2010

Make Fun In Misery

Since last time, I heard my friend says “You have to live happily, make fun in your life, no matter it is hard or easy.” After that, I was realized that I should always makes fun for myself, some entertainment, then life will be more interesting, not boring, and somehow can solve my problem easily.

In Chinese, it means “苦中作乐”. For my current status, I am facing my final year project for this and next semester. Sure, I will feel trouble and pressure automatically. Then, I try not to think so much about that, and make my planning for everyday. Even try to make fun in my life. This is very important for one to live longer, and free of trouble mind. Bear in mind, I cannot be last minute.  


Yesterday before, I was feeling stomachache. Then, I had Diarrhea. It cause make cannot sleep as well. I was wake up around 4.00a.m., and used the toilet repeatedly. I went back to my room and sleep. However, I was feeling so pain! I cannot enter the dream if I keep going like this. Suddenly, “angel” was come into my room. (I am not going to die yet 0.0). He was giving me the pill to eat. After I eaten, I feel I was feeling better. He adds again “Are you ate the pills just now?” “Yes. Why?” “I not sure that was expired or not!?” Lolz…(never mind la). He asked me to drink warm water again. Hmm…nice…Really thanks to him ^^. In the mean time, i feel i so weak..sad.

At that time, I not able to “苦中作乐”,I feel so hard to do.

P/S: Angel = my lovely roommate.

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