29 July, 2010


So today I’m gonna runaway?

This world is just too much complicated things. I’m wonder am I need to runaway or face it?

This world has too many encouragement books. There is a lot of encouragement from the author to the readers. They make the reader to look and view everything in positive ways. That is shows how life going on.

Some people choose to runaway than facing it. Runaway just help the people relax temporary. The problem still has to be solved at last. Most of the drama always applied this message. Something like “When you have the problem, you need to face it and solve it!” “Do not runaway!”

Imagine for this situation, you are accidentally seen a tiger in a forest. The current condition is you do not have any weapons, empty handed. What should you do? Sure is runaway, isn’t it? This situation is just like real life matters, when you are not prepare enough yet, do not so fast select to face it. That is what I think.  

Thus, I’m going to runaway for now…hehe

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