30 June, 2010


I admit that i am the one who like to compare myself with others. So, what i get back is disappointed, loser, useless...especially in natural talent, gift...

In studies, i like to compare with others, in order to boost my study spirit, and boost my result. Some friends had told me before, even mother, ask me do not always compare with others. Maybe i was been train to like to compare when i was in secondary school...Same for video game skill, i lack of talent too :(

In the advantage of comparison, one can know their limitation, and improve the insufficient.Again, i always lose to the one who was fat than me. I too skinny, and sometimes i will jealous why they can so easy to be fat? My eyes so small, why others so big? I just greedy...It just related with "size does matter?"

Anyway, i try to reduce this kind of personality.It just did a lot of harmful to me if i continue with this...

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