22 July, 2010

Psychological Imbalance

Recently, i believe i was fall in the category of Psychological Imbalance.

Most of the time, i will think too much on something, or day dreaming. I think i was  feel so relieve till i can think a lot of things. Even the action was too horrible.(for me) My friend was giving me a "red light" to me and seem like i have to pay attention on this.

Yes, i admit that i was psychological imbalance recently. Then, i'm thinking what should i do to reduce it or overcome this? 

Here is another web site guide for me:
1. Always Exercise
2. Listening song, musics
3. Do not kept yourself so free
4. Scream!
5. Always Laugh
6. Slow down the living phase
7. Do not blame yourself if you are doing wrong 
8. Dare to accept the fact that you might never achieve
9. Dare to face the reality
10. Always find friend, gathering, chatting 
11. Do not always compare yourself to others, life is short

Ya! That is it! I should follow all the 11 tips above in my life. I was afraid that if not doing any action on this, i will evolve from Psychological Imbalance to Depression. At that time, i need to consult a doctor every time lo~ 



  1. For me, scheduling a weekly exercise routine mostly works in freeing my clustered mind.

  2. Nice suggestion. I will try for that..regular exercise.


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