16 July, 2010

Live with "Idiots"

Wahaha…the “Idiot” here means the person who love to make fun, say a lot of cold joke, “rubbish” sentences and so on. When you around of this kind person, you sure will feel “My life is so fun, and interesting!”

Although they are very “cold”, they can make our life fun. Can you imagine that your life always full of pressure, serious, normal and hard to smile every day?

Most of the time, when I stepped into new social life environment, sure at least one “idiot” will appears. They always will express their funny opinion, minds, crazy thinking. Especially crazy thinking, I will think about that automatically and laugh! I do not know why, well then it just a crazy thinking. What is crazy thinking? (Think creatively though…)

I love “Idiot”! Sure that I will live normally only if without the existence of them. When they are around me, I will laugh and feel very high, happy, feeling in 7th heaven. Haha..=Really, a laugh can feel easy to solve the problem in life’s obstacle. ^^

Sometimes i behave like "idiot" though...swt...hahaha

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