12 July, 2010

World Cup Final~

I am not interest on football since I was young. If FIFA games I have interest to play, but not the priority for me to play. Hahahaha...When primary school, my friend talk about world cup or something else, as in secondary school, i never have interest to participate on it. 

Why i choose to watch world cup this year and in my life for my first time? The reason is funny: Year 2012 end of the world might coming, and i want to test the feeling of watching this final of world cup in university life.

I went to sleep at 1.30a.m. and wake up at 3.00a.m. I know the competition start at 2.30a.m. Well then, I rasa there is no need to watch the first 30 minutes.

The world cup final was versus of Espanol and Netherland. Finally, the game end at 5.00a.m., with Espanol:Netherland (1:0). Before that, two teams were too strong until a lot of additional time was added. Of course, there were a lot of faults, mistake by the football player, and so many players' name that I cannot remember.  

This was the first time I watch world cup in my life. I just want to try the feeling of watching football program, and why they can shout, excited, and “GOAL!!!” After the testing, for me, it was just normal and nothing special at all, watching a ball to be kicked into the net. The video game is more fun ^_^

This year, an octopus was added to prediction of which country will win the world cup matches. As a result, the octopus very smart and so accurate…unbelievable!!

Finally, Spain was win the champion!

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