24 July, 2010

5 Cents

Recently, I was found out that many people do not like to use or own “5 cents” (Malaysia token)

Especially, my house mate is the category who does not like to own 5 cents. Actually 5 cents can be used in this country, and can be used wisely. Think positively, the 5 cents is small, easy to carry. However, the price is so small.

When I return back their money with 5 cents, they sure will shout “Har?? Why give me 5 cents? I do not want it.” The response I was shocked. 5 cents seems like will bring bad luck to them or it is too cheap until carry it or own it? In additional, it can be used wisely on bus fees. When I ask them why so hate 5 cents? They will reply “Then why you return me 5 cents?” “I’m using it right now. @@”

If you have so many 5 cents just exchange it at any restaurant, shop or etc. They need the 5 cents in their business.

I wonder why government still need keep the 5 cents. If anyone does not want the 5 cents, just give me so I will collect it. I love to collect it and change to big sum of money J


  1. Hmmmm... i'm one of the majority quickly trying to use up the 5sen.. it's just 'out of place', lols


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