23 July, 2010

Love, Lust or Infatuation?

Everyone knows how to identify love, lust and infatuation?

Love is when you care someone more care about yourself. This is called love.
Lust is you just want to sleep with someone.
Infatuation is you will think about someone most of the time, so desperately want to do everything with someone, is hard to separate with someone. In the mean time, people who fall in this category, they do not know they are in love or lust…

I believe all 3 kinds of nouns everyone sure heard it before. When have lust start with someone, it might not reach the love finally. Somehow, lust with someone might make the result of love. Sometimes, people will choose to love first then lust at last. For infatuation, it might do not know the direction they need to go, to love or lust?

In my mind, love does not need to reach sex at last. The sex should be the final enjoyment of the lovely couples. When there is love between each other, having sex with the partner is different with the partner who does not love.

Sometimes, I just wonder the god’s creation. God create human structure different in male and female shape, and establish mating process. There might be the flaw of this design? Somehow, monk and nun are exists who cannot make sex, love, lust and infatuation. If all the people do not have the 七情六欲(qi qing liu yu)(seven love six lust?)their heart sure really is pure, and clear. I wonder how is the feeling of that?

In my life, I experience the infatuation most. Then I always in one direction with my own will. What a pity in my love section. When I want to love someone, someone is sure not going to love me. On the other hand, when someone loves me, I not sure that I will love them back…As old goes saying: “What is love? Love can make you miserable, miracle…”

In conclusion, love is AMAZING & UNPREDICTABLE

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