27 July, 2010


I believe all of us would like to take shortcut in our life for all the activities, isn't it?

Shortcut: It defined as the shortest way of path to reach the target or destination. In desktop, we already used to it and it becomes very handy when we want to enter an application.

In real life, there is many shortcuts that we can take, if we are brilliant to find, and run it. The advantage of shortcut is reach the target in short time. That is very beneficial, we can use other time to do our lovely activity.

Take the shortcut, it means we have to take a risk when the shortcut is taken. Nobody can prove what is the consequences after take the shortcut. To think wisely, the shortcut can only make that people not fulfill the complete process, so what he or she learned is reduced. I think the complete process is important."Shortcut is need to pay the price!"

There is many shortcut to lead a rich life. I just think should i follow the shortcut or i design a shortcut for myself to save my life time? Sometimes it is quite not worth too...conflict huh??...


  1. I prefer to take the safer route, at least I know I'm having a higher chance of making it.

  2. Hmm...i think so. Safer route not always with shortcut..hehe


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