25 July, 2010

Everything comes from small

When one learns to lie, they will lie more and become racketeer.

When one learns to steal, they will robbery bank, company…

When one learns to make saving, they will become rich at last.

When one learns to gamble a small bet, they will do big bet and bankrupt.

When one learns to selfish, they will end up solely at last.

When one learns to smoke, their lungs slowly been attacked and cancer as the result.

When one learns to stinginess, they will lose a lot of friends.

When one learns to greed, they will end up with nothing.

When one learns to care a lot of people feeling, they will know this world is fun and complicated.

When one always “said 1 set do 1 set”, the chance of break their promise is higher.

When one always lazy, they will get nothing at last.

When one always lucky, it does not mean that the lucky will last forever.

When one always study book, any material, they will know a lot of knowledge.

When one always watches movie, their idea and creative mind is increasing.

When one starts to love someone, they will love more strongly or washy at last.

When one thinks the new ideas every day, their mind will be more open-minded.

and a lot to go......

The common things: We all are growing from baby to adults. 

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