10 July, 2010


I am not a talkative person, seriously.

Mouth Automatically shut when first meet...
When I meet people at the first time, I will keep my mouth shut, and only let people ask me questions, just like he/she interview me. This really not I wanted. Sometimes, I even no chances to ask those questions, my role is just an interviewee.

Should Change Attitude...
I do not know why my mouth so expensive, gold mouth, hard to open, especially met people at first time. I seem like not interest to ask questions, as long as the person that I am not interest at all. My cousins had told me that this attitude or personality have to change, when comes into social life, your mouth is everything!

Get to be compared again... 
My big brother had the personality that opposite to me. Yes, his mouth is very sweet, flirty. Everyone saw him at the first time, and will be attracted by him, really. This is what I feel. (I seem like jealous >o<) When with him and he will talk talk talk talk, especially meet a person…then I am just silent all the time.

Wrong thinking...
When I was form 3, I totally damn quite and never say hi to my friend when meet, really arrogant. In fact, I am not. At that time, I just thought that we all meet each other in school every day, not need to say “hi” always. My concept was totally wrong.

I have to throw away my negative thinking---try to open mouth, try having a nice chat especially when first meet with new person, not just answer his/her questions, with “ya” “nope”, “oh I see” and etc... 

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  1. Ive heard people say that the older you get, the less you understand. In your youth you have that confidence, sort of blind confidence which allows you to take chances and do things you might not do when youre older because you know better. See the link below for more info.



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