04 July, 2010

Face Medication

Few previous post was mentioned about my face appears more pimples than before, (after i came back from Genting Highland this year) so i was going to pharmacy to meet the physician.Since my face cannot recover no matter what product i had used.

After meet the physician, she gave me the medicine.The medicine list:

1. Vitamin D
2. Vitamin C
3. Magnesium
4. Zinc
5. Facial Wash medicine
6. Acne treatment gel

1-4 i have to eat once everyday. The 5-6 maximum usage is 3 times a day.After one day, i was feeling good of my face, my face really recover, and better than before.These medicine quite expensive, 45.00. In the mean time, i have to stop using other facial product in order to view the result.

Flash back that i was 'waste' a lot of money on pimple cream. Like Oxy5, Gervene, Clearasil...Hopes that my face will get well soon~

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