15 July, 2010

The Myth

Here are the myths that I heard since I was young until now, share with readers ^^ I believe some of you sure heard this before in your life.

1. Do not cut your nail at night, after 7p.m. It will bring bad luck.
2. Do not take a photo with 3 people.
3. Do not bath at night after 7p.m. The lungs will accumulate water.
4. Do not masturbate every day, harmful for kidney. (for guys)
5. Do not blow flute at night, it will attract non-exist things comes.  
6. Do not sweep floor at night.
7. Do not drying cloths at night.
8. Do not cut hair, fur at night.
9. Do not shout people name at night.
10. Do not take picture inside the toilet, especially with the mirror provided on wall.
11. Do not masturbate, blow job, and sex at holy place, like temples.
12. Do not shout people name at graveyard.  
13. Do not say “so handsome!” or “so beautiful” for picture on the tomb at graveyard.
14. Do not sew the clothes directly (take it off first).
15. Do not sleep facing the room’s door.

Do you believe this? For me, i believe for some part..


  1. hahaha
    i did most of the things (not all! ) and yet, im still fine!


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