20 July, 2010

My Nickname

Inspire from my friend...wanna say about the nickname.

In my life, i have too many nickname for me. Most was the bad.(0.o) When in primary school, classmate was take action to help other give naughty nickname for that classmate or friend. No matter boys or girls. People so love used to give nickname on others?

My Nickname History

1. 阿任(ah ren)- This is the most common, my family members used to call me this way. Even small brothers. (They never call "gor gor"...i know, malu ma >.<)

2. 阿仁(ah ren)- Given by girl friends group in this university. They like to call me this way. Although i said they were wrong, nothing changes.

3. 软绵绵(ruan mian mian)- Actually this name was given by my secondary school friend. I still remember his name. Cause i'm too soft on action? This name was revived when i stepped in this university.
4. 竹竿(zu gan)- Given by Crackers' boss's daughter when in 2002. I working there and his daughter like to play with me this way =.=''. I too skinny.

5. 骨头(gu tou)/Tulang - Given by the same person above too. The later was given by the Secret Recipe's malay girl staff.

6. Jipet任 (ren)- As we know, jipet is faul language. I feel that this is slightly lighter than the "ji bai". The history of this name was posted on last time.

7. Ping Pong- The meaning of this name is not the ping pong shape, it was the Papan Ping Pong! The Secret Recipe's Malay girl staff given the name. She said my body exactly like Papan Ping Pong, flat! T_T I still remember a long time ago, she order me like that when working time. Then a Malay child customer ask her mother: "dia punya nama Ping Pong ke?"

8. 四眼田鸡(si yan tian ji)- Usually the people who wear glass will be given this nickname.

9. 娘娘腔(niang niang qiang)- I was famous with this name most in primary school time. I totally exactly same as girl, especially the sound. And, that time my singing was damn good lol. This year, my naughty cousin still call me this way.

10. 二姐(er jie)- Second sister. My smaller naughty brothers call me this way.>.<

11. 二女儿(er nv er)- Second Daughter. Guess who call this? ---My Mom lo. She so eagerly owns a daughter.

12. Tiko任(tiko ren)- Naughty house mate given...cause sometimes i'm very 'hamsap'.

13. Teko任- The body structure. Teko means bamboo in Hokkien.

14. 阿任Kor Kor- Cousin(children) will be taught to call me this way.  

15. Panjang-So happy that i was given this name cause i panjang at that 'thing' No la, because of my body shape is panjang. lol

Wau....so many nickname. My priority is the first nickname in the list. Hehe ^^


  1. You still got hamsap ren, jipet ren, lc ren, cb ren.

  2. hamsap Anonymous, jipet Anonymous, lc Annonymous, cb Anonymous.


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