21 July, 2010


Are you the one?

Sometimes it is hard to take this kind of spirit to try the new things.

Recently, i got a lot of desire things to try in my life. Somehow, it might be obey the rule from god, doing mistakes or else....

For my final year project (This university call PSM-Project Sarjana Muda, i know when i say about this, most of the friends do not know) ,i purpose a system which is mainly about monthly expense system. When i purpose to supervisor, he replied is too easy, so ask me to change my system runs at mobile platform. I still not learn the mobile Java language yet. At that time, when he ask me whether want to accept his opinion or think another ideas. I was conflict at there.

After 5 minutes, i was taken his suggested title. He asked again "Are you sure? If is make sure that you do not same as your senior, agree with mobile platform but give up at last." What i'm feeling? I do not scare about it and i want to try. Maybe i dare to take challenge. However, i do not dare to think the consequences. I told my friends this incident. My friend was said something like "Why you want to take the things that you never try? "自讨苦吃"(zi tao ku chi)". I was speechless at that time.

Think about few minutes, i was replied him like this:"Ya. However, it is kinda hard to get high mark in php language for web page (which i learn it myself on last two months). As an IT student, we need to try new things, it is because IT field so wide.If just stay at the relevant stage, i might be outdated." He agreed with me. Well then, i do not know what i'm said is correct or not. Somebody might said my ideas was totally wrong...Thus, i will try my best to do my first mobile application.My interest on this field seems like was starting...

Actually, i have a lot of things and incidents have not try yet. I just though when i can experience those things?? Maybe live comfortable at this circumstances is what should i do now...所谓:"活在当下"(huo zai dang xia),"知足常乐"(zhi zu chang le).

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