31 October, 2010

Amazing Speech

Last Friday, a program of “Sesi Bersama Penasihat Akademik” was held at DTII in my university. A housemate was accompanying me for attend this program due to compulsory. Yet I know a lot of our friends are not attending this because it was held near the study week. The main motive come here is to listen the Penasihat Akademik advice and take some personal document from him or her.

Well, the most impression things are the amazing speech who given by Dr.Sazali bin Khalid. Previously, the speech was given by the dean faculty, Dr.Rosziati. “Someone told me before our new faculty name - FSKTM is hard to remember if compared to FTMM. Then, what I said to him is FSKTM is easy to remember, just remember KTM-KTM-KTM…then add FS in front of KTM, easy right?”

He is not Dr.Sazali..

Dr.Sazali amazing speech-

  • “I am very glad that our new faculty name – FSKTM is name because of me. FSKTM actually is stand for Father Sazali Khalid Tahu Mathematics (instead of Faculty Sains Komputer Teknologi Maklumat)”
  • “The problem statement of students: late for class, blaming the facilities like timetable lousy, submit assignment very late, appointment not punctual, quiz, tests, late, late return, no model answer, plagiarism…”
  • We are laughed and smiled at his speech. He is added “Please do not laugh when I talk, otherwise I will be called and going to have speech at next time.”
  • “There is no maaf (sorry)for all of us. We all are professional.” I like this statement J
  • “We did not care so much of our friend. Please, respect friend especially your roommate, housemate. ” Your friend want to have sleep, but you switch on the light and burn the midnight oil in same room, do not ask your friend and so on. (For my condition, a housemate of mine always fart, luckily do not have smell, well please respect lol)
  • “Can you erase me from your mind if you hate me?” I like this statement too J
  • “Gejala Sosial – want to have girlfriend or boyfriend.” “As a student, you are not required to worry this, you will have it at last. The exam not going to ask you-why you do not have girlfriend? Why you do not have boyfriend?”

There is a lot of Dr.Sazali speech. I just mention what I like here. Actually he is amazing. He is just like our father of love.

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  1. Tq my son/ think about it .. and practice upon it please. Who knows u will feel the beauty of the essence of the speech. tq


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