30 October, 2010


DEVIL movie was showing last month at other state in Malaysia. However, Batu Pahat here finally showing the movie - DEVIL. With no companion, I solo again for this movie this evening. Heard that this movie is quite scary…luckily is not so.

If compared to Buried, it is really cannot taken to be compared. So, if you like the DEVIL does not mean that you will like the movie BURIED too. This both movies have same common point that is happened at one location. The former happened around the lift, later happened inside the coffin.

Devil show in the human form in the lift, my guess on “who is the devil” always changes. It is hard to know who is real evil. From this scene, I could see all victims here are not responsible at all for their personal case. Devil comes to take their life due to their behavior.

From this movie, devil here not always is bad intention. The action of the Devil can be said is for punishment intention. I feel shocked for some part of the scene. 

Who is the devil?
Thus, who is the Devil in this movie? The young lady? The soldier? The old woman? The guard? The promoter? Who do you think? Watch the movie then you will know. For sure, who try to help these five victims will die too in alternative way.

The lesson learned? We need to responsible for what we did, understand what we did and do not choose to runaway. Otherwise, the devil will comes to take life away…


  1. at least there are more than 1 starring devil, unlike the burried.

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  2. yeah...buried only 1 actor...are you devil? :P


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