25 October, 2010


When have thoughts(心事),who you will going to find and release it? Or just keep it inside the heart?

Normally, when I have thoughts, if really serious, I will find my best friend to chat with, to let me feel more comfortable. What if a thoughts that none of friends can be selected to be chat or discuss with? Even my blog cannot be described at all?

I have thoughts recently. However, I cannot simply chat it with somebody. It is very hard to express from my heart.The only thing I can do is try to ignore it.    

More few days after I might more relax, free from presentation and all the group assignments. Then, it is time to prepare for study in 3 special study weeks...


  1. 心事往往都有口难言, 说了又怕别人不了解你...
    相信每个人都有心烦的事, 有时更不知如何应对, 有时还会选择逃避...

    但是, 沟通与面对才能真正解决问题..

    其实, 找个可靠对象诉苦的确比较舒服...加油^^

  2. 谢谢。但我喜欢选择去面对。不喜欢逃避。如你所说,最后我用沟通来解决我的心事。当然,要找到对的人诉苦不是件容易的事。。。


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