28 October, 2010

Life without Sex

First of all, we are human, so we are not live for sex, is sex for life. However, if do not have partner,we going to settle for ourselves, isn't it?

Mostly, a man's mind always full of SEX. It is undeniable theory. If compared to women, their mind always full of admire, jealous, care, concern, just a little part percentage is sex. So far, I am keep myself as traditional men, that is only sex after marriage. How off beat is this right? Maybe my mind will change someday? I believe most of people will laugh me. "Please lah, dude, now is 22 century, not 90-an."

So without sex, what can we do in life? To think positively, we can do a lot of things to substitute the sex life. I checked a movie before, named "Life without sex". I have not watch the movie yet, but I do read the synopsis. The movie content is the family have no sex through out the year, so they do other activities like shopping, household and a lot of side entertainment. That can be enjoyable too.

Thus, we can do a lot of benefit things than sex. Like go for self hobby (if a person's hobby is sex then nothing to say) swimming, reading, chatting, gaming and so on. Plus, I watch a Taiwan drama before, named "18禁不禁". The guy was advice the other guy when have sex desire, try do something on other like go for jogging, exercise and etc. 

Most of people love sex topic. It seems like an adventurous topic...To be honest, if let you choose to read either a sex topic or money topic, which one you prefer to? And, as nun or monk, they need to clear out the sex mind in their life. Why? Is it means SEX is bad for us? 



  1. i can imagine this as a virgin's writing lol. sex is part of life but please do it healthily. overdoing will hurt you front and back.

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  2. haha...because i do not have opportunities lol hurt front and back? =.=


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