19 October, 2010

FYP-I Presentation

Today was my presentation day for my final year project- Part I. Huu...

My presentation time was delay around 1 hour. The timetable set my time was 9.00a.m. I woke up early at 7.00a.m. Reach the place at 8.30a.m. Then my presentation was delay until 10.00 a.m. If I know I not going to come early. What a bad timing is this.

There were 3 students include me in this morning. I am the last guy to present. The first student is Malay girl. She is being "shoot" so seriously, the whole process take a lot of times. Next, my Indonesia friend was complete whole project with a complete graphic aerial simulation system! How amazing was him! Then the way he present really can said is totally look alike "show off" his project.I believe him got full marks for his presentation except the thesis format, how admire him. My turn- The presentation I think was no problem, but the Chapter 4 some diagram I have to redraw, redesign. A lot of comments was given during presentation, suggestion. Thanks for each panel. I really have to find a good way to develop my project soon.

En.V ask me:"Do you know any mobile language programming?" I:"I still learning on it from the books, sources." En.V:" Are you sure you can finish this project?" I:... (After that, I given a smile to me, not think too much, just hurry for it.)

It feels like going for Malaysian Idol testing...haha...


  1. hello,

    I am a young Cameroonian who want to use one of your resource, the first picture on this post
    to take part at a competition to design a poster on information legacy launch by the Goethe - Institute Cameroon : http://www.goethe.de/ins/cm/yao/wis/ikz/fr8438426v.htm

    Thank you.


  2. I would also like to use the first picture for a presentation. Thank you


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